What does your period say about you?

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introducing daysy

Your fertility is about to have an upgrade.

Your fertility is about to have an upgrade.

Hey there,
I'm Daysy


The ‘in your pocket’ device that helps you track your cycle and know accurately when you are fertile & finally take charge of your cycle.

You are only fertile for a few days each cycle.

Daysy tracks your cycle for you.


The Daysy uses the Fertility Tracker Method (FTM) to learn your own body rhythm, calculate your fertile days and predict ovulation. 

It does so by measuring your basal body temperature and calculates for you, when you are fertile and when you are not.

This is based on the science that is highly accurate and pins your ‘fertility status’ each day using the self-learning algorithm based on a database of 500,000 users and 5 million menstrual cycles, to calculate and accurately analyse and provide you ‘results’ each and every day of your cycle leaving little room for user errors and mistakes.

How does it work?

Each morning 

You simply measure your basal body temperature under your tongue each morning before getting out of bed.

Daysy lets you know your fertility status within seconds. 

Daysy predicts ovulation by a red flashing light. There’s no mistaking that!

Daysy gets to knows you uniquely.

The longer you use Daysy, the more the algorithm will understand you – uniquely. 

Via the lights on the Daysy (red when you are/possibly fertile and green when you are not) as well as the app which stores all of your data. Bluetooth makes it easy for the app and the device to ‘talk’ to each other.

Daysy feeds you information in two ways:

During your fertile window it is possible to conceive

 outside your fertile window, it is not.

With these 3 colours you can keep track of your cycle and fertility status.

If Daysy shows you a red light, you are fertile/ possible fertile and can become pregnant.

If Daysy shows you a green light, you are not fertile.

If Daysy shows you a red flashing light, then it is your predicted day of ovulation.

Yellow days indicate cycle variations. They can also mean that Daysy is still in the learning phase.

Do you know what  your period says about you 


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Daysy Knows...
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Conception can feel like every star in the sky must align. But when you can take the guess work out of it, you can relax, knowing that the accuracy of Daysy has you covered. No guessing, no hoping… just ease and peace of mind that you are able to really know your ovulation window.


Taking the guessing work out of the equation can be a huge relief!

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With a 99.4% you can finally have peace of mind with Daysy. 

Daysy has been developed and approved as a medical product. We take pride in this status. It’s important to know, many fertility trackers do not meet these standards. At Daysy, we continue to work hard to optimise all technology so you are always receiving the best standard of care.



How long does it take Daysy to reliably "learn" my cycle?

Generally, we say that the Daysy has a learning phase of 3 to 4 cycles. This does not mean, however, that you will not get any green lights (infertile days) during that time. Daysy will start out very conservatively and base your fertile window primarily on statistical data and statistically you could ovulate as early as day 11, causing Daysy to start your red (fertile) days around day 6 or 7 depending on how long your menstruation was. It will then stay red until ovulation has been confirmed, at which point it will change to green light indicating infertile. Over the course of the next several cycles, Daysy will begin to weigh your data more heavily against the statistical data and slowly narrow down and give less red days as it is able to pinpoint your individual fertile window.

At what age can I begin using Daysy

Generally, Daysy can be used once you get to a sexually mature age. Daysy needs consistent use to be effective and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Who developed Daysy?

Daysy was developed by Natalie Rechberg, CEO of Valley Electronics AG in Switzerland, and daughter of Dr. Hubertus Rechberg, creator of the world-known Lady-Comp. Daysy uses the same core technology and algorithms used by Lady-Comp, and adds its own personality with the use of daysyView. The electronic brain, containing knowledge about fertility, and other components are manufactured by leading suppliers from all over the globe. Daysy is a certified medical device after standard EN ISO 13485:2012.

How long does shipping take 

Generally, Daysy will arrive in 2-4 business days.

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